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Evolution of DC Metro Project


This project showcases a series of digital collages and mixed media devoted to Washington and the evolution of DC Metro, a rail system that connects thousands of people daily. The DC Metro Series brings together the images that define the local, everyday movement of Washingtonians with greater concepts of growth, evolution, and change. Her work connects the routine of daily commuters to the deeper history -- and the cultural and political import of one of the most unique and influential cities in the world. Each poster focuses on the year that each line first began and includes image collages to illustrate:


Red Line (1976) - The first poster in this series commemorates the opening of the Red Line. That year America celebrated its Bicentennial and the election of President Jimmy Carter. This year was also the end of Mao's Zedong's rule in China. The poster also reflects the deadly crash of 2009.

Blue Line (1977) - This poster demonstrates the vibrancy of DC Life in the 1970s, the tragedy of the Pan Am crash, the death of Elvis Presley and the release of the movie Star Wars.

Orange Line (1978) - The collage focuses on the emergence of environmental awareness in America as well as Europe, the Punk revolution and the consecration of Pope John Paul II.

Yellow Line (1983) - This poster commemorates the significant events of 1983; it focuses on the collapse of the Iron Curtain, Rubik Cube Fever, the Reagan years and the Moscow Olympics.

Green Line (1991) - This image reflects the evolution of America in the 1990s; the emergence of the computer age, the end of the end of the Gulf war, the Washington, D.C. riot and the deadly crash of 2009.

Silver Line (2014) - This poster is dedicated to the launch of the line and depicts some important visuals of the US-Russia politics, Winter Olympic games in Sochi, crisis in Ukraine and Syria/Iraq, World Cup and much more.

Modern Metro - This poster brings the viewer into current day Washington: the Beijing Olympics; Presidential Race, World Cup, turmoil in Ukraine and the continued vibrancy of Washington. 

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