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Evolution of DC FLAG Project


This project showcases a series of digital collages and mixed media devoted to Washington DC Flag. The Series brings together the images that define local and national events that Washingtonians experience in the nation's capital with greater concepts of growth, evolution, and change. Each poster illustrates a theme or event in history Washingtonians have experienced to illustrate:


The history of the DC flag - The first poster in this series encompasses a digital representation of the mystery of the flag using QR codes as clues. Scan the code and get a clue for each star on the flag.

LGBTQ flag - A tribute to the recognition and adoption of the same-sex marriage legislation in 2009. 

Presidential flag - A gender challenge of the office of the US President. 


Political Flag - This poster illustrates the legislative branch of the federal government represented by Republican and Democratic parties under the Constitution.


Marijuana Flag - This poster reflects on the legalization of cannabis in 2014.


Bike Share Flag - This poster highlights the bike-share initiative to promote a healthier lifestyle and cleaner environment. 


Pussy Hat Flag - This poster is dedicated to the  Women's march on Washington in 2017 and its global message and impact in response to presidential elections.


Stanley Cup Flag - This poster is dedicated to the historic 2018 Stanley Cup win by the DC Capitals.

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